Clocktower Double IPA – 8.5% ABV

In 1863, Union forces occupied Rome, targeting the city for its Noble Foundry.  A key manufacturer of Confederate cannons and munitions.  When he left, Sherman ordered the evacuation of Union troops, and the town be raised.  In 1871, During the rebuilding of the city, the tower was built as a part of the water works for the city. The clock itself was installed in 1872, and has kept time ever since.  This hop head’s dream of a beer was created to commemorate the timelessness of our landmark.  A classic American India Pale Ale with 67 IBU’s and 8.5% ABV.  A few of these, and time becomes irrelevant.


We all have that one special person in our life.  We named this beer for “that” girl.  It’s a great gateway beer.  For those of you who are leery of craft beer, never fear.  This beer has the color you’re used to, and not too bitter.  But this blonde ale has a full, rich, malty flavor that both craft beer lovers, and craft beer newbies will enjoy.


Why’d we make a wheat beer you may ask?  Because a good wheat beer is kind of funky.  Not funky, like your dad’s socks.  Funky like a bass line from Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, funky.  The hefeweizen yeast we use in this turns this batch of pale malt and red wheat into something that makes you want to bob your head to the funky beat being laid down, even if it’s just in your head.


In the 70’s and 80’s there lived a bootlegger in the southeast corner of Cherokee county Alabama nicknamed “Goat”  The good folks of Spring Garden enjoyed a bit of the “good stuff”, and the Goat was there to help.  We crafted this stout with that outlaw spirit in mind. Everything you want in an oatmeal stout, dark, toasty, and a great mouthfeel.


In 1944, Rome’s elders were concerned over the rowdiness of the soldiers being treated at Battey Hospital.  There was little to do for these young GI’s in Floyd County.  At the elder’s behest, Peggy Snead opened her house of ill repute which ran in Rome until the early 70’s.  The finest girls and the strongest drink were available only at Peggy’s for many years in Floyd County. Ask any Roman about Miss Peggy and anyone over 50 probably has a story to share, and some they won’t admit to.  This smooth drinking pale ale honors her memory, and her contribution to Rome’s rich history.

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